Toolboxes and storage options for trucks and vans run the gamut, and there are some great options out there. So what makes DECKED worth it - or - dare we say it...Better?

With a 2000 lb system payload and a 200 lb payload rating per drawer, DECKED enhances work efficiency. Weighing in at only 200-220 lb per system, DECKED won't dramatically effect fuel economy or payload capacity.

Full-Size Truck

Mid-Size Truck

Available For Full sized and Mid-sized Trucks


Hey tough guy, no sacrifices, no B.S. DECKED has a true 2,000 lb payload and preserves the entire foot print of your bed. So load up and get busy livin’.


A 200 lb per drawer capacity of your organized gear and tools is at your fingertips. Drawers slide out at waist height for easy access


DECKED truck bed tool boxes keep your tools and gear secure, dry and out of the elements. However, drawers are not airtight. Airborne particulate matter such as dust and mist may infiltrate drawers. Ammo cans are not waterproof.


Close ‘er up, and your beloved 12 gauge, Bessie, and everything else is out of sight. Lock the storage drawers and your tailgate, and you have total piece of mind.


End the junk show. Easily access your tools and gear. DECKED truck bed organizers get you dialed and makes your life more efficient.


Dial in your midsize DECKED storage system with locks, dividers, drain plugs and D-box toolboxes. DECKED midsize truck systems include one full size drawer and one narrow drawer. Accessories for narrow drawer available 2018. DECKED does NOT come with these accessories, 'cuz not everyone wants 'em.


The durable, waterproof DECKED Crossbox (tool box) maximizes drawer storage efficiency and organization, utilizing an interlocking, nested design. It's designed to fit all DECKED drawers: crosswise in wide full-size and midsize drawers and lengthwise in narrow midsize drawers.

  • D BOX

Two D-Box toolboxes fit in each short DECKED system drawer and three D-Boxes fit in each standard DECKED system drawer.

  • CrossBox

Introducing the Crossbox, a smaller cousin of our incredibly popular D-Box with all of the same function as well as some additional features.  The Crossbox is essentially one half of a D-box which fits in the narrow midsize drawer lengthwise and then crosses over (get it?!) to fit the wider drawers crosswise. 

  • CORE TRAX 1000

Custom Core Trax 1000 tie downs bolt to the steel tubes in your deck to secure bulky loads. Made from powder coated 6061 T6 aluminum with stainless steel tie down loops, Core Trax offer a 500 lb pull out rating.


DECKED T-Tracks bolt to the steel tubes of your deck allowing compatibility with Thule and Yakima rack systems. Made from 6061 T6 aluminum.